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Domestic Cleaning

We provide reliable domestic workers who have been screened before they will be employed, the duties that our domestic workers will be doing are washing dishes, clothing, clean windows, bathrooms, bed rooms, kitchens, sitting room, dining room, and ironing.

Events Cleaning

We provide cleaning services for events such as corporate events, weddings, concerts, sports events, funerals, and other events, at the venue we will provide 2 cubic yard skip bins and a team of cleaners who will pick up papers, bottles, paper plates, paper cups, and mop the event venue, a team will also be provided to clean the dishes if it’s the request of the client, we will also dispose of the waste of client. Quotation will be based on the square meter of the venue.


Corporate Cleaning

We provide a cleaning service to businesses who needs their offices to be cleaned each and every day. The company will provide reliable employees who will clean the business offices. The cleaning duties that are done for corporates are dusting, desk cleaning, vacuuming, collection of trash, sweeping and mopping, cleaning all toilet areas, and tea service. Quotation will be based on the square meters of the office.


Bin Cleaning

We provide a bin cleaning service after the trash has been collected by the tipper trucks, the bin is washed inside, outside and delivered to the house hold.

Cleaning Materials

We supply cleaning materials and toiletries to businesses and government institutions.


Rubble Removal

The business provides a rubble removal service to construction companies and land developers who are in need of the site clean up.